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Bible Verse Wall

Welcome to Bible Verse Wall. We pray you are encouraged by God’s Word and the testimonies shared here.
We encourage you to open your heart to Him and allow the Spirit of God to minister to you today.


God wants to bring change.

In Acts chp. 3 we have the account of Peter and John going to the temple for afternoon prayers. A crippled man had also gone. to the temple, he had been carried there by his friends to beg. He had been crippled from birth and to move anywhere he had to rely on people. The bible tells us he was in his forties. [click to continue…]

Deeper into God’s love.

God is calling us to go deeper in him so that we can go higher in Him.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word radical. I know my definition of this word was to describe somebody who was extreme in their beliefs, or way of doing things.

Radical means (from the root). To be rooted in the original.

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Practising the presence of Jesus.

practising the presence of jesus

Yesterday, while looking after my 9 month old granddaughter, I was reminded how little ones love to put things into their mouths. As she crawled on the floor it seemed she had an inbuilt magnet searching out the tiniest objects. With great concentration picking up any tiny thing with her chubby little fingers and if not stopped in time  popping it into the mouth. Seeing with the eyes does not seem to satisfy them at this age, everything has to be checked for a  taste.

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Awesome God

Awesome God

Our God is an Awesome God He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love.

These are the words of a little chorus we sang in church years ago, powerful words uplifting words. How many times the words of an old chorus have surfaced in my mind to lift and refresh me. I believe the Holy Spirit brings them to my remembrance when I need them. [click to continue…]

Drawing On Our heavenly InheritanceI pray that faith be stirred in hearts as you read about Gods goodness His promises in scripture to provide for His children that their needs be met as they trust Him.

Jesus died to give us this inheritance. [click to continue…]


In Mathew chp.8 verses 23 to 28 we have the account of Jesus in the boat with the disciples as they were crossing the lake. Jesus was asleep in the boat when the storm struck, the disciples were in fear of their lives, they woke Jesus. He rebuked the storm and instantly the storm ceased and the water went calm. In an instant Jesus delivered them from a situation they had no control over.
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God Cares for the little things.

God Cares For the Little Things dot com

Last week I was going down memory lane remembering some of the times that God has blessed my family, sometimes with big things and sometimes with seemingly small things. I have to admit that some of the smaller things He did amazed me more. After all my mind would tell me this is the Creator of the universe He would have a lot on His plate.

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Cast your Care

Jesus with his arms out

1 Peter 5: 7    Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you.

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The Righteousness of God

Jesus is alive

Romans  5:17 For if by the trespass of one man death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.

Jesus has won a perfect rest for us on the cross, a perfect finished work was completed for us that day. Satan was stripped of all his power and the curse that was put on mankind through Adam was reversed. When we receive the revelation of Jesus dying personally for us we are born again, born of God’s incorruptible seed through the Holy Spirit.

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